Washington Professional Systems Award (066.18.B5 - WPS)


Name Description Price
Camera, Video Canon Vixia HF G20, Camcorder, (Product replaced by VIXIA HF G21 Kit # 2404C002) $1395.00
Camera, Video Panasonic AGAC8PJ, Camcorder, Full HD 1080P AVCCAM (DISCONTINUED, Closest Replacement is: AG-AC30PJ) $1333.08
Camera, Video Sony HXR-MC2500U, Camcorder, Shoulder Mount, AVCHD MC-Series; 32GB; Internal Fash Memory/SDHC $1394.07
Microphone, Lavalier Audio-Technica W88-13-829, Mic, Wireless Lavalier, Camera Mountable, with transmitter and receiver $148.72
Monitor, For Tricaster System NEC EA234WMI-BK, LED Monitor, 23" 1920X1080, for use with Tricaster TC40V2E system $251.60
Tv Production TriCaster TC40V2E TC40, TriCaster TC40V2E TC40 SD/HD Version 2, with LiveText) and Animation Store Creator (TC40V2E is Discontinued. Closest replacement is model: TCMAHD4, Mini Advanced bundled with # EducAddOn1CC - 2 free downloadable virtual sets from the NewTek Store website. No Livetext software separate, Livetext it's built into all TriCaster system. Animation Store Creator is also standard with the TC-Mini series) $5335.55