Print Services Program

Awarded Vendors
1 vendors have been awarded.

Desktop printer purchases must be authorized through the Managed Print Services approval process.

HCPSS has implemented a new Managed Print Services program that provides improved print and copier support for all HCPSS schools and offices. Through this program service and supplies, including toner for desktop printers, are provided at no cost to schools and offices.

Please visit the Managed Print Services Canvas page for additional information on how to order supplies, submit service requests and access training.

First Time Use and Training
When using a new multi-function device for the first time, users must first authenticate with their badge using the instructions provided in this PowerPoint. A video overview of the multi-function devices and additional information are available online.

In-person training will be provided for any staff who are working in a school or office when the new equipment is installed. Staff who return to school/office buildings in the future will have access to video training sessions.

Service and Support

  • Please contact Centric Business Systems when requiring service for a multi-function device or desktop printer. Contact information for Centric is labeled on each device. For other questions or support, please contact Print Services at
  • Centric Business Solutions will install, service, and provide supplies for our new multi-function devices, as well as for desktop printers covered under this program.
  • Papercut will monitor usage of the new multi-function devices for reporting purposes. A cost will be displayed when each print/copy job is completed; this is for budgeting purposes only, and schools/offices will not be charged for printing.

Desktop Printer Service and Supplies
Centric Business Systems will provide service and toner for your desktop printers at no cost to your school. Over the next several weeks, Centric will assess the desktop printers in each school and office, and will attach a Centric ID tag on all desktop printers that are eligible for support through this program. To request supplies or support, please contact Centric using the information provided on the Centric ID tag.

Printers that are not eligible for support through this program: non-network printers; inkjet printers, 3D printers, wide format printers, and older/obsolete printers.

For more information, or questions regarding a printer that does not have a Centric ID tag, contact Print Services at

Obsolete Printers
If you have desktop printers that are not working or no longer used, please complete a Warehouse Pick-Up & Delivery Form to send the printers, along with any toner you no longer need, to Print Services.