Business Opportunities

Current Bids

Title Bid Number Due Date
Controls Upgrade - Cradlerock ES / Lake Elkhorn MS 020.23.B3
Student Transportation Services 019.23.B3
Mass Notification System 023.23.B1
Roof Inspection Services 035.23.B3
Vending Machine Service for Healthy Snacks and Beverages 036.23.B6
Spring Athletic Sports Referee Officials Services (Baseball, Boys Lacrosse, Softball, Girls Lacrosse) 033.23.B4

Bid Tabs

Fiscal Year: 2023
Title Bid Number Bid Tabulation
Professional Custodial Speed Scrubbers and Speed Extractors Bid # 009.23.B4 Bid Tab #009.23.B4 - Professional Custodial Speed Scrubbers and Speed Extractors.pdf
Boiler Replacement for Bonnie Branch Middle School 007.23.B3 007.23.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Winter Athletic Sports Referee Officials Services(Basketball, Wrestling) 004.23.B4 Bid Tab #004.23.B4 - Athletic Sports Referee Official Srvc. - (Basketball, Wrestling).pdf
Centennial Lane and Hammond Elementary School Playground Replacement 001.23.B4 RFP Tab - Centennial and Hammond Playground Replacement - #001.23.B4.pdf
Fiscal Year: 2022
Title Bid Number Bid Tabulation
Mechanical Insulation Services 047.22.B3 Bid Tab - Mechanical Insulaion Service #047.22.B3.pdf
Door Hardware Upgrade, Patuxent MS, St. John's Lane ES 046.22.B3 046.22.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Door Hardware Upgrade, Waterloo ES, Oakland Mills HS, Glenelg HS 041.22.B3 041.22.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Feminine Hygiene Dispensers and Supplies 042.22.B4 Feminine Hygiene dispensers & Supplies Bid Tab_0.pdf
Fall Athletic Sports Referee Officials Services Bid #043.22.B4 043.22.B4 Bid Tab #043.22.B4 - Athletic Sports Referee Official Srvc. - Copy.pdf
Vehicle 039.22.B1 039.22.B1 Bid Tab.pdf
035.22.B2 Dell Computers 035.22.B2 Bid 035.22.B2 Dell Computers Bid Tabulation.pdf
Food Bar Equipment 038.22.B3 038.22.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Food Service Computer Equipment 037.22.B3 037.22.B3-Bid Tab-Revised.pdf
Sewer Line Replacement Clemens Crossing Elementary School 028.22.B3 028.22.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Theatrical Rigging, Lighting & Sound Inspection, Maintenance & Repair Service 003.22.B3 003.22.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Thomas Viaduct Middle School R&P Classroom Remodel 034.22.B4 Bid Tab -Bid #034.22.B4 (Base Bid and 2 Add Alternates).pdf
Identity and Access Management Software 032.22.B1 Identity & Access Management Software #032.22.B1 Bid Tab.pdf
Door, Window & Glass Installation, Maintenance & Repair (Multi-Step Bid) 002.22.B3 002.22.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Boiler Replacement-Hammond Elementary/Middle School 027.22.B3 027.22.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Boiler Replacement-Applications & Research Laboratory 026.22.B3 026.22.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Large Kitchen Equipment 030.22.B3 030.22.B3-Bid Tab_0.pdf
Chiller Replacement-Atholton Elementary School 025.22.B3 025.22.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) USB FIDO2 Devices 031.22.B1 Multi-Fractor Authentication #031.22.B1 Bid Tab.pdf
Student Transportation 020.22.B3 020.22.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Employment Medical and Related Health Exam and Testing Services RFP #010.22.B1 Bid Tab - RFP # 010.22.B1.pdf
Large Kitchen Equipment Bid #016.22.B3 Bid Tab-016.22.B3.pdf
Compensatory Education/Recovery Services RFP #015.22.B1 Bid Tab - RFP # 015.22.B1.pdf
Fire Alarm Inspection, Installation, Maintenance & Repair Service (Multi-Step Bid) 006.22.B3 006.22.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Fire Sprinkler Inspection, Installation, Maintenance & Repair Service (Multi-Step Bid) 001.22.B3 001.22.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Desktop Computers-see addenda 004.22.B1 004.22.B5-DesktopComputer-bid tabulation.pdf
Fiscal Year: 2021
Title Bid Number Bid Tabulation
Amazon Web Services-Addenda issued 064.21.B5 064.21.B5-Amazon responses.pdf
Cloud Hosting Services Solution-See addenda 065.21.B5 065.21.B5-Cloud Hosting responses.pdf
Dell Laptop computers-see addenda 061.21.B5 061.21.B5-DellLaptopComuter-BidTab.pdf
Moving Contractor Services (Multi-Step Bid) 058.21.B3 058.21.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
School Bus Inspection Services 051.21.B3 051.21.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Copier & Print Services Paper 053.21.B2 053.21.b2_copier_and_ print_services_paper_bid_tab.pdf
School Bus Service for Athletic & Allied Sport Events 049.21.B3 049.21.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Plumbing Contractor Service (Multi-Step Bid) 036.21.B3 036.21.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
HVAC Contractor Service (Multi-Step Bid) 035.21.B3 035.21.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Warehouse Storage Rack System 042.21.B3 042.21.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Integrated Pest Management Service 040.21.B2 Bid Tabulation.pdf
School Bus Service for Athletic and Allied Sport Events 034.21.B3 034.21.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Virtual Educational and Psychological Assessments for Students K-21 029.21.B1 TurnoverMemo 029.21.pdf
Hearing Examiner Services 037.21.B1 Responses-May 5-2021.pdf
High School Athletic Trainer Services RFP # 032.21.B4 Bid Tab - RFP # 032.21.B4 High School Athletic Trainers Services.pdf
Warehouse Storage Racking System 031.21.B3 031.21.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Student Transportation, Bid No. 030.21.B3 030.21.B3 Bid Tab-030.21.B3.pdf
Boiler Replacement-Cradlerock Elementary School/Lake Elkhorn Middle School-Addenda issued 008.21.B3 008.21.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Student Transportation 019.21.B3 Bid Tab-019.21.B3.pdf
Security System Supplies 021.21.B3 021.21.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Asbestos Abatement & Mold Remediation Monitoring Services 020.21.B3 020.21.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Student Transportation 010.21.B3 Bid Tab-010.21.B3.pdf
Integrated Pest Management Service (IPM) 004.21.B3 004.21.B3-Addendum 2_5.pdf
Fiscal Year: 2020
Title Bid Number Bid Tabulation
Rebid of Hammond High School Renovation 12A Casework Package 034.20.B4-1 Bid Tab -Rebid 12A Hammond.pdf
Temporary Services 053.20.B3 Bid Tab-RFP 053.20.B3_2.pdf
Talbott Springs Elementary School Replacement 056.20.B4 Bid Tab - TSES .xls_.pdf
Integrated Pest Management Services (IPM) 052.20.B3 052.20.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Kitchen Equipment 057.20.B3 057.20.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Rebid of #13 High School New Construction 9C - Wood Flooring Package Bid # 016.20.B4-1 Bid Tab - Rebid Wood Flooring 9C -HS #13.pdf
Security System Installation, Upgrades, Maintenance & Repair Service 044.20.B3 044.20.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Elevator Preventive Maintenance and Repair Service 051.20.B3 051.20.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Burleigh Manor Middle School Secure Vestibule Bid #032.20.B4 BMMS Bid Tab.pdf
Three School Select Exterior Door Replacements 050.20.B3 050.20.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Glenwood Middle School Envelope (Windows and Doors) 033.20.B4 Glenwood Bid Tab #033.20.B4.pdf
Hammond High School Renovation and Addition PLEASE NOTE: DUE DATE REMAINS - MARCH 25, 2020 at 1:00 PM Bid # 034.20.B4 BID Tab _ Hammond HS BId 034.20.B4.pdf
Classroom Paper 046.20.B2 046.20.b2_bid_tabulation.pdf
Hardwood Floor Refinishing, Installation, Maintenance & Repair Service 042.20.B3 Bid Tab-042.20.B3.pdf
Forest Ridge Elementary School Secure Vestibule Renovation 030.20.B4 Bid Tab - Forest Ridge Bid #030.20.B4.pdf
Student Transportation 038.20.B3 BidTab-038.20.B3-final_0.pdf
Technology Education Supplies & Equipment 039.20.B5 Bid Tabulation - 039.20.B5 Supplies & Equipment for Tech Ed.pdf
Three School Select Exterior Door Replacements 040.20.B3 Bid Tab-040.20.B3.pdf
Talbott Spring Elementary School Utility Relocation 035.20.B4 Bid Tab - Talbot Springs Utility Bid #035.20.B4.pdf
#13 High School New Construction 016.20.B4 HS13 Bid Tab .pdf.pdf
Leased Modular Classrooms 018.20.B4 018.20.B4-ModularClassrooms-Bid-Tab.pdf
Temperature Control Components & Parts 022.20.B3 022.20.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Door & Lock Hardware Supplies 021.20.B3 021.20.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Electrical Supplies 020.20.B3 020.20.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Student Transportation-019.20.B3 Addendum issued 019.20.B3 Bid-TabBusBid-019.20.B3.pdf
Concrete Contractor Services 011.20.B3 011.20.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Athletic Equipment 001.20.B4 Bid Tab - Athletic Equipment Bid #001.20.B4.pdf
Energy Management Controls, Installation, Monitoring, Maintenance & Repair Service 005.20.B3 005.20.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Relocation of warehouse racking system and commercial shelving Addendum issued 007.20.B3 007.20.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Custodial Plastic Liners 002.20.B4 Bid Tab #002.20.B4 - Custodial Plastic Liners.pdf
Custodial Paper Products 003.20.B4 Bid Tab for Custodial Paper Products #003.20.B4.pdf
Kitchen Equipment 004.20.B3 004.20.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Fiscal Year: 2019
Title Bid Number Bid Tabulation
Asbestos Abatement Services 067.19.B3 067.19.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Boiler Replacement, Glenelg High School 058.19.B3 058.19.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Paving Services 053.19.B3 053.19.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Re-bid Pointers Run Elementary School HVAC Renovation 16A (Electrical Package) 023.19.B4-2-(16A) Bid Tab #023.19.B4-2 (16A).pdf
Bid Tab - Prof. Custodial Equipment #054.19.B4 054.19.B4 BID TAB- #054.19.B4.pdf
Alternative Transportation Service for Select Students 019.19.B3 019.19.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Re-bid Mt. View Middle School HVAC Renovation 16A (Electrical Package) 023.19.B4-1-(16A) 16A Bid Tab Results - MVMS Rebid...pdf
Student Transportation 046.19.B3 046.19.B3-Bid Tab-Minimum Time-Mileage.pdf
Howard High School ROTC Building Roof Top Units & Roof Replacement 052.19.B3 052.19.B3-BidTab.pdf
Print Shop Paper 051.19.B2 052.19.B2 Print Shop Paper - Bid Tab.pdf
Laminating Film 049.19.B2 Bid Tab.pdf
Classroom Paper 050.19.B2 50.19.B2 Classroom Paper Bid Tab.pdf
Lease/Commercial Loan Financing - This RFP was cancelled on February 28, 2019 041.19.B1 041.19.B1Leasing Responses.pdf
Burleigh Manor Middle School HVAC Project Bid #023.19.B4-4 #023.19.B4-4 Bid Tab- 023.19.B4-4 BMMS.pdf
Rockburn Elementary School HVAC Project Bid #023.19.B4-3 023.19.B4-3 Bid Tab- 023.19.B4-3 RES.pdf
Pointers Run Elementary School HVAC Renovation Project Bid 023.19.B4-2 #023.19.B4-2 Bid Tab- 023.19.B4-2 PRES.pdf
Mt. View Middle School HVAC Renovation Project Bid #023.19.B4-1 023.19.B4-1 Bid Tab- 023.19.B4-1 MVMS.pdf
Generator Replacement-Elkridge Elementary School 027.19.B3 027.19.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Wide Area Network Service 038.19.B5 RFP 038.19.B5 Bid Tab.pdf
Student Transportation 028.19.B3 028.19.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Four School - Select Door Replacements 030.19.B3 030.19.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Lumber Supplies 004.19.B3 004.19.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) Teaching Program for 21st Century Community Learners 011.19.B1 011.19.B1-STEM-Response-List.pdf
Motor Repair Services 003.19.B3 003.19.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Classroom-based Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and Restorative Justice Instructional Program 010.19.B1 010.19.B1-Responses.pdf
Comprehensive Reading Comprehensive Intervention Program 007.19.B1 007.19.B1-Responses.pdf