Business Opportunities

Current Bids

Title Bid Number Due Date
Large Kitchen Equipment Bid #016.22.B3
School-based Mental Health Services-See addenda 009.22.B1
Employment Medical and Related Health Exam and Testing Services RFP #010.22.B1
Case Management Services for Autism Waivers 014.22.B1
Professional Consultant-School Boundary Review 007.22.B1

Bid Tabs

Title Bid Number Bid Tabulation
Compensatory Education/Recovery Services RFP #015.22.B1 Bid Tab - RFP # 015.22.B1.pdf
Fire Alarm Inspection, Installation, Maintenance & Repair Service (Multi-Step Bid) 006.22.B3 Bid Tab - Fire Alarm Inspection, Installation, Maintenance & Repair Bid #006.22.B3.pdf
Fire Sprinkler Inspection, Installation, Maintenance & Repair Service (Multi-Step Bid) 001.22.B3 Bid Tab - Fire Sprinkler Inspection, Installation, Maint. & Repair Bid #001.22.B3.pdf
Dell Laptop computers-see addenda 061.21.B5 061.21.B5-DellLaptopComuter-BidTab.pdf
Desktop Computers-see addenda 004.22.B1 004.22.B5-DesktopComputer-bid tabulation.pdf
Moving Contractor Services (Multi-Step Bid) 058.21.B3 058.21.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
School Bus Inspection Services 051.21.B3 051.21.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Copier & Print Services Paper 053.21.B2 053.21.b2_copier_and_ print_services_paper_bid_tab.pdf
School Bus Service for Athletic & Allied Sport Events 049.21.B3 049.21.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Plumbing Contractor Service (Multi-Step Bid) 036.21.B3 036.21.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
HVAC Contractor Service (Multi-Step Bid) 035.21.B3 035.21.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Warehouse Storage Rack System 042.21.B3 042.21.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Integrated Pest Management Service 040.21.B2 Bid Tabulation.pdf
School Bus Service for Athletic and Allied Sport Events 034.21.B3 034.21.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Virtual Educational and Psychological Assessments for Students K-21 029.21.B1 TurnoverMemo 029.21.pdf
Hearing Examiner Services 037.21.B1 Responses-May 5-2021.pdf
High School Athletic Trainer Services RFP # 032.21.B4 Bid Tab - RFP # 032.21.B4 High School Athletic Trainers Services.pdf
Warehouse Storage Racking System 031.21.B3 031.21.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Student Transportation, Bid No. 030.21.B3 030.21.B3 Bid Tab-030.21.B3.pdf
Boiler Replacement-Cradlerock Elementary School/Lake Elkhorn Middle School-Addenda issued 008.21.B3 008.21.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Student Transportation 019.21.B3 Bid Tab-019.21.B3.pdf
Security System Supplies 021.21.B3 020.21.B3-Bid Tab_0.pdf
Asbestos Abatement & Mold Remediation Monitoring Services 020.21.B3 020.21.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Student Transportation 010.21.B3 Bid Tab-010.21.B3.pdf
Integrated Pest Management Service (IPM) 004.21.B3 004.21.B3-Addendum 2_5.pdf
Rebid of Hammond High School Renovation 12A Casework Package 034.20.B4-1 Bid Tab -Rebid 12A Hammond.pdf
Temporary Services 053.20.B3 Bid Tab-RFP 053.20.B3_2.pdf
Talbott Springs Elementary School Replacement 056.20.B4 Bid Tab - TSES .xls_.pdf
Integrated Pest Management Services (IPM) 052.20.B3 052.20.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Kitchen Equipment 057.20.B3 057.20.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Rebid of #13 High School New Construction 9C - Wood Flooring Package Bid # 016.20.B4-1 Bid Tab - Rebid Wood Flooring 9C -HS #13.pdf
Security System Installation, Upgrades, Maintenance & Repair Service 044.20.B3 044.20.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Elevator Preventive Maintenance and Repair Service 051.20.B3 051.20.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Burleigh Manor Middle School Secure Vestibule Bid #032.20.B4 BMMS Bid Tab.pdf
Three School Select Exterior Door Replacements 050.20.B3 050.20.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Glenwood Middle School Envelope (Windows and Doors) 033.20.B4 Glenwood Bid Tab #033.20.B4.pdf
Hammond High School Renovation and Addition PLEASE NOTE: DUE DATE REMAINS - MARCH 25, 2020 at 1:00 PM Bid # 034.20.B4 BID Tab _ Hammond HS BId 034.20.B4.pdf
Classroom Paper 046.20.B2 046.20.b2_bid_tabulation.pdf
Hardwood Floor Refinishing, Installation, Maintenance & Repair Service 042.20.B3 Bid Tab-042.20.B3.pdf
Forest Ridge Elementary School Secure Vestibule Renovation 030.20.B4 Bid Tab - Forest Ridge Bid #030.20.B4.pdf
Student Transportation 038.20.B3 BidTab-038.20.B3-final_0.pdf
Technology Education Supplies & Equipment 039.20.B5 Bid Tabulation - 039.20.B5 Supplies & Equipment for Tech Ed.pdf
Three School Select Exterior Door Replacements 040.20.B3 Bid Tab-040.20.B3.pdf
Talbott Spring Elementary School Utility Relocation 035.20.B4 Bid Tab - Talbot Springs Utility Bid #035.20.B4.pdf
#13 High School New Construction 016.20.B4 HS13 Bid Tab .pdf.pdf
Leased Modular Classrooms 018.20.B4 018.20.B4-ModularClassrooms-Bid-Tab.pdf
Temperature Control Components & Parts 022.20.B3 022.20.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Door & Lock Hardware Supplies 021.20.B3 021.20.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Electrical Supplies 020.20.B3 020.20.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Student Transportation-019.20.B3 Addendum issued 019.20.B3 Bid-TabBusBid-019.20.B3.pdf
Concrete Contractor Services 011.20.B3 011.20.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Athletic Equipment 001.20.B4 Bid Tab - Athletic Equipment Bid #001.20.B4.pdf
Energy Management Controls, Installation, Monitoring, Maintenance & Repair Service 005.20.B3 005.20.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Relocation of warehouse racking system and commercial shelving Addendum issued 007.20.B3 007.20.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Custodial Plastic Liners 002.20.B4 Bid Tab #002.20.B4 - Custodial Plastic Liners.pdf
Custodial Paper Products 003.20.B4 Bid Tab for Custodial Paper Products #003.20.B4.pdf
Asbestos Abatement Services 067.19.B3 067.19.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Kitchen Equipment 004.20.B3 004.20.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Boiler Replacement, Glenelg High School 058.19.B3 058.19.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Paving Services 053.19.B3 053.19.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Re-bid Pointers Run Elementary School HVAC Renovation 16A (Electrical Package) 023.19.B4-2-(16A) Bid Tab #023.19.B4-2 (16A).pdf
Bid Tab - Prof. Custodial Equipment #054.19.B4 054.19.B4 BID TAB- #054.19.B4.pdf
Alternative Transportation Service for Select Students 019.19.B3 019.19.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Re-bid Mt. View Middle School HVAC Renovation 16A (Electrical Package) 023.19.B4-1-(16A) 16A Bid Tab Results - MVMS Rebid...pdf
Student Transportation 046.19.B3 046.19.B3-Bid Tab-Minimum Time-Mileage.pdf
Howard High School ROTC Building Roof Top Units & Roof Replacement 052.19.B3 052.19.B3-BidTab.pdf
Print Shop Paper 051.19.B2 052.19.B2 Print Shop Paper - Bid Tab.pdf
Laminating Film 049.19.B2 Bid Tab.pdf
Classroom Paper 050.19.B2 50.19.B2 Classroom Paper Bid Tab.pdf
Lease/Commercial Loan Financing - This RFP was cancelled on February 28, 2019 041.19.B1 041.19.B1Leasing Responses.pdf
Burleigh Manor Middle School HVAC Project Bid #023.19.B4-4 #023.19.B4-4 Bid Tab- 023.19.B4-4 BMMS.pdf
Rockburn Elementary School HVAC Project Bid #023.19.B4-3 023.19.B4-3 Bid Tab- 023.19.B4-3 RES.pdf
Pointers Run Elementary School HVAC Renovation Project Bid 023.19.B4-2 #023.19.B4-2 Bid Tab- 023.19.B4-2 PRES.pdf
Mt. View Middle School HVAC Renovation Project Bid #023.19.B4-1 023.19.B4-1 Bid Tab- 023.19.B4-1 MVMS.pdf
Generator Replacement-Elkridge Elementary School 027.19.B3 027.19.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Wide Area Network Service 038.19.B5 RFP 038.19.B5 Bid Tab.pdf
Student Transportation 028.19.B3 028.19.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Four School - Select Door Replacements 030.19.B3 030.19.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Lumber Supplies 004.19.B3 004.19.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) Teaching Program for 21st Century Community Learners 011.19.B1 011.19.B1-STEM-Response-List.pdf
Motor Repair Services 003.19.B3 003.19.B3-Bid Tab.pdf
Classroom-based Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and Restorative Justice Instructional Program 010.19.B1 010.19.B1-Responses.pdf
Comprehensive Reading Comprehensive Intervention Program 007.19.B1 007.19.B1-Responses.pdf