Solicitations Open for Bid

Title Bid Number Due Date Dates Effective Category
Professional Consultant-School Boundary Review 007.22.B1 Construction, Facilities and Operations
Case Management Services for Autism Waivers 014.22.B1 Instructional/Classroom Services
School-based Mental Health Services-See addenda 009.22.B1 Instructional/Classroom Services
Employment Medical and Related Health Exam and Testing Services RFP #010.22.B1 Human Resources Services
Large Kitchen Equipment Bid #016.22.B3 Furniture and Appliances
Compensatory Education/Recovery Services RFP #015.22.B1 Instructional/Classroom Services
Amazon Web Services-Addenda issued 064.21.B5 Technology Services
Cloud Hosting Services Solution-See addenda 065.21.B5 Technology Services
Fire Alarm Inspection, Installation, Maintenance & Repair Service (Multi-Step Bid) 006.22.B3 Construction, Facilities and Operations
Online Cognitive Ability Assessment 062.21.B5 Instructional/Classroom Services
Fire Sprinkler Inspection, Installation, Maintenance & Repair Service (Multi-Step Bid) 001.22.B3 Construction, Facilities and Operations
Dell Laptop computers-see addenda 061.21.B5 Technology Services
Desktop Computers-see addenda 004.22.B1 Technology Services
MSDE-Approved Online Credit-Bearing Student Courses 060.21.B5 Instructional/Classroom Services
Google Workspace for Education Plus 057.21.B5 Technology Services
Excess Worker's Compensation Insurance-RFP#059.21.B1 059.21.B1 Human Resources Services
Moving Contractor Services (Multi-Step Bid) 058.21.B3 Construction, Facilities and Operations
Cloud-based Adapted Reading Program-see addendum 054.21.B1 Instructional/Classroom Services
School Bus Inspection Services 051.21.B3 Transportation
Copier & Print Services Paper 053.21.B2 Instructional/Classroom Services
Interactive Literacy and Assessment Program-See addenda 050.21.B1 Instructional/Classroom Services
Classroom Paper 052.21.B2 Instructional/Classroom Services
Medicaid Claims Processing Services-See Addenda 045.21.B1 Instructional/Classroom Services
School Bus Service for Athletic & Allied Sport Events 049.21.B3 Transportation
In-person Psychological and Educational Assessments 046.21.B1 Instructional/Classroom Services