Solicitations Open for Bid

Title Bid Number Due Date Dates Effective Category
Cloud-based Adapted Reading Program 054.21.B1 Instructional/Classroom Services
School Bus Inspection Services 051.21.B3 Transportation
Copier & Print Services Paper 053.21.B2 Instructional/Classroom Services
Interactive Literacy and Assessment Program-See addenda 050.21.B1 Instructional/Classroom Services
Classroom Paper 052.21.B2 Instructional/Classroom Services
Medicaid Claims Processing Services-See Addenda 045.21.B1 Instructional/Classroom Services
School Bus Service for Athletic & Allied Sport Events 049.21.B3 Transportation
In-person Psychological and Educational Assessments 046.21.B1 Instructional/Classroom Services
Science Laboratory Simulation Tool 044.21.B1 Instructional/Classroom Services
Plumbing Contractor Service (Multi-Step Bid) 036.21.B3 Construction, Facilities and Operations
HVAC Contractor Service (Multi-Step Bid) 035.21.B3 Construction, Facilities and Operations
Professional Learning of Science of Reading-Addendum Issued 043.21.B1 Instructional/Classroom Services
Warehouse Storage Rack System 042.21.B3 Construction, Facilities and Operations
Integrated Pest Management Service 040.21.B2 Construction, Facilities and Operations
Screener for Reading Difficulties-Addenda Issued 041.21.B1 Instructional/Classroom Services
School Bus Service for Athletic and Allied Sport Events 034.21.B3 Transportation
Virtual Educational and Psychological Assessments for Students K-21 029.21.B1 Instructional/Classroom Services
Hearing Examiner Services 037.21.B1 Human Resources Services
High School Athletic Trainer Services RFP # 032.21.B4 - Instructional/Classroom Services
Payroll Services - Addenda issued 023.21.B1 Financial Services
Warehouse Storage Racking System 031.21.B3 Construction, Facilities and Operations
Student Transportation, Bid No. 030.21.B3 030.21.B3 Transportation
COVID Testing Services - with Addenda 028.21.B1 Instructional Supplies
Boiler Replacement-Cradlerock Elementary School/Lake Elkhorn Middle School-Addenda issued 008.21.B3 Construction, Facilities and Operations
Network Infrastructure Equipment 025.21.B5 Technology and Audio-Visual Products