Construction, Facilities and Operations

Office, health, construction, and custodial supplies.

Title ID Dates Effective
Integrated Pest Management Services (IPM) Bid: 052.20.B3
Rebid of #13 High School New Construction 9C - Wood Flooring Package Bid: Bid # 016.20.B4-1 -
Security System Installation, Upgrades, Maintenance & Repair Service Bid: 044.20.B3
Elevator Preventive Maintenance and Repair Service Bid: 051.20.B3
Burleigh Manor Middle School Secure Vestibule Bid: Bid #032.20.B4 -
Three School Select Exterior Door Replacements Bid: 050.20.B3
Glenwood Middle School Envelope (Windows and Doors) Bid: 033.20.B4 -
Hammond High School Renovation and Addition PLEASE NOTE: DUE DATE REMAINS - MARCH 25, 2020 at 1:00 PM Bid: Bid # 034.20.B4 -
Hardwood Floor Refinishing, Installation, Maintenance & Repair Service Bid: 042.20.B3
Forest Ridge Elementary School Secure Vestibule Renovation Bid: 030.20.B4
Three School Select Exterior Door Replacements Bid: 040.20.B3
Talbott Spring Elementary School Utility Relocation Bid: 035.20.B4
#13 High School New Construction Bid: 016.20.B4
Leased Modular Classrooms Bid: 018.20.B4
Temperature Control Components & Parts Bid: 022.20.B3
Door & Lock Hardware Supplies Bid: 021.20.B3
Electrical Supplies Bid: 020.20.B3
Work Uniforms Bid: 036.20.B2 -
High-Speed/High-Volume Black/White Production Printer Lease/Purchase plus Maintenance/Service Bid: 010.20.B5
Concrete Contractor Services Bid: 011.20.B3
Energy Management Controls, Installation, Monitoring, Maintenance & Repair Service Bid: 005.20.B3
Relocation of warehouse racking system and commercial shelving Addendum issued Bid: 007.20.B3
Custodial Plastic Liners Bid: 002.20.B4
Architects and Construction Managers Pool of Providers for Capital Projects Bid: Solicitation #P6030.20.B4
Custodial Paper Products Bid: 003.20.B4