Fund Raising


To establish a fair and equitable process to identify individuals or firms wishing to support schools, the school system, and the community in accordance with Board Policy 4020.

Approved Fund Raising Organizations 

Application for Fund Raising Vendor 

Participation Procedures

Individuals or firms wishing to conduct a Fund Raiser for a particular school must submit a formal request in writing to:

Robert Bruce, NIGP-CPP, CPPO, CPPB
Director of Procurement and Materials Management
The Howard County Public School System
10910 Clarksville Pike
Ellicott City, MD 21042


The request must include at least the following:

  1. Name of the firm, full address, Federal/State tax identification number, telephone number, contact person;
  2. Nature of the product or services to be provided;
  3. The timeframe for the fund raiser;
  4. The calculation or the amount of shared proceeds to the school;
  5. The proposed method of collecting funds.


  • No Fund Raiser shall include a reward or incentive for the students that exceeds five ($5) dollars per student.
  • An approval letter will be issued to the individual or firm with the effective date.
  • Individuals or firms that conduct a fund raiser must be willing to share, upon request of the school or school system, any and all documentation relating to the sales campaign to determine the level of fund raising effort.
  • Approval of fund raising firms will be for a period of three years. A list of approved individuals or firms will be maintained on the school system’s Purchasing Office website.
  • Fund raisers involving games of chance or gambling are not allowed to be held on school property or grounds. Although not expressly prohibited, these activities must be held in alternative, non-school sites.
  • Individuals or firms are to contact individual principals for conducting fund raisers.
  • Approval and placement of the individual or firm on the Approved Fund Raiser List only serves as a directory of approved firms, it does not guarantee participation by any school or school sponsors.
  • Fund raisers involving the execution of a written agreement shall be forwarded to the Chief of Counsel and Safety, Environmental and Risk Management offices for review prior to the beginning of the fund raiser activity.
  • The Purchasing Office reserves the right to remove by written notice any individual or firm from the approved list that fails to submit a renewal request or is deemed by the Purchasing Office to conduct itself in an inappropriate manner.
  • Unsolicited Donations are considered separate from this program and are to be done in accordance with current Board Policy 4010.

Program Goals

All activities shall be in accordance with Board Policy 4020. The fund raising program recognizes that fund raising activities are used by the school system and individual schools, as well as school-sponsored organizations to support school-related endeavors.


Fundraising – See Board Policy 4020.

Sales Campaign – A particular event or activity that may utilize the human resources of a particular school or school sponsored organization. The sales effort may be on-going or a one time event.

School Sponsors – A representative of the school or school system including, but not limited to, the Parent, Teacher, Student Associations (PTSA), school clubs, booster groups affiliated with the school and any other school associated organizations.

Proceeds – The specific dollar amount or percentage of funds to be shared with the school.