Instructional/Classroom Services

Instructional programs and services.

Title ID Dates Effective
School-Based Mental Health Services Bid: 044.22.B1 -
Case Management Services for Autism Waivers Bid: 014.22.B1
School-based Mental Health Services-See addenda Bid: 009.22.B1
Compensatory Education/Recovery Services Bid: RFP #015.22.B1
Online Cognitive Ability Assessment Bid: 062.21.B5
MSDE-Approved Online Credit-Bearing Student Courses Bid: 060.21.B5
Cloud-based Adapted Reading Program-see addendum Bid: 054.21.B1
Copier & Print Services Paper Bid: 053.21.B2
Interactive Literacy and Assessment Program-See addenda Bid: 050.21.B1
Classroom Paper Bid: 052.21.B2
Medicaid Claims Processing Services-See Addenda Bid: 045.21.B1
In-person Psychological and Educational Assessments Bid: 046.21.B1
Science Laboratory Simulation Tool Bid: 044.21.B1
Professional Learning of Science of Reading-Addendum Issued Bid: 043.21.B1
Screener for Reading Difficulties-Addenda Issued Bid: 041.21.B1
Virtual Educational and Psychological Assessments for Students K-21 Bid: 029.21.B1
High School Athletic Trainer Services Bid: RFP # 032.21.B4 -
Athletic Video Services for the Enhancement of Student Athletic Performance Bid: 009.21.B1
Social Emotional Well-Being Universal Screening Solution Bid: 011.21.B5
Adaptive Prekindergarten Software Solution Bid: 003.21.B5
Instructional Platform - Addendum #1 Bid: 005.21.B1
Temporary Services Bid: 053.20.B3
Laminating Film Bid: 047.20.B2 -
Classroom Paper Bid: 046.20.B2 -
Cloud-based College Planning and Career Search Solution Bid: 045.20.B5